Ciao! Welcome to my blog. My name is Laura DeLaforgue. I live in Austin, Texas. I always say that Austin is my home away from home, because Florence is my true home.

So much of my life changed on the eve and the event of my 50th birthday. That point of time in my life and the events that followed are why Florence has become home in my heart, why this blog has been birthed, and why my story and this blog will grow and develop as, god-willing, my experiences and adventures in Florence and Tuscany continue to unfold.

The photo that you see is my favorite shot that I ever took of the Duomo (more to come on the Duomo and it’s amazing history!).  I took this shot on the first full day that I was in Florence on my own nearly two years ago.

Thank you for following my story. In future posts, I will go back in time and lay out the tales of how I arrived to the place in which I now find myself. I hope that my blog brings you joy and inspires you to follow your heart!