There I was in beautiful Florence. My 50th birthday was approaching in a few more days.  What to do, where to dine? How to make it a special day in a place in which every moment seemed special? I still was not even able to believe that I was in Florence, Italy, and that I was free to do as I wished.

I knew one thing for certain–I wanted to see Michelangelo’s David on my birthday.  I had seen him before and it had been love at first sight.  If you have seen him-you know.


If you have not, I must tell you that every person that I have ever witnessed viewing David has had a look of awe and appreciation of unbelievable beauty upon their face. It does not seem to matter whether it is a student of art history or some dude who is being dragged along on a tour with his wife.  They all have a certain look on their face when they behold the David!


There is so much history and lore about David.  I would love to tell all that I know, and I would love to know more than I do, but I will highlight a bit here so as not to write a tome in a blog post!

David created a sensation when he was unveiled over 500 years ago. For nearly four centuries he resided outdoors in the Piazza della Signoria, in front of the Florentine city hall. Weather and hostility against government threatened The David, and since the late 19th century he has resided in a protected environment in the Accademia in Florence.


I knew that going to see David again would make my day special.

I had a few other plans for the day, but none for the evening thus far. The only people that I “knew’ in my first few days in Florence were the folks at the little wine bar that I had discovered on my first evening there.  I figured that they would know some good “local” restaurants that would be nice, and so I ventured there to enquire.